The goals of the Center are:

  • To accept children as individuals, to nurture their individuality and creativity.
  • To promote critical thinking so that children can verify and validate information for themselves.
  • To expose children to a variety of experiences, to increase their mastery of a variety of skills.
  • To encourage children to be active and resourceful in discovering for themselves the world around them.
  • To help children learn to trust in themselves and feel confident in their ability to make choices.
  • To increase children’s capacity to confront new discoveries and integrate them into their world.
  • To foster the ability to be sensitive and supportive of one another’s feelings.
  • To teach children to approach learning with confidence and joy, and be willing to take risks.
  • To nurture children’s capacity to make commitments and become involved.
  • To help children learn self-control and accountability for their actions.
  • To enhance the child’s mental processes by building confidence and self-esteem.
  • To provide children with an environment devoid of sexual, racial, religious or economic bias.
  • To constantly encourage parent visitation, in-put, and participation.
  • To provide parenting resources for Center families.
  • To promote the educational growth and development of Center staff.