The purposes of the child care center are to support families and to provide quality programming. To accomplish these ends the PAC2 Center provides a safe, consistent and enriched environment where developmentally appropriate activities encourage exploration and learning through “hands on” experiences.

Some of the attendant beliefs of a developmentally appropriate child–centered curriculum are:

  • Play is the child’s way of working and learning.
  • Children’s play becomes their work as they discover new materials in the environment.
  • Learning is what children do; it is not something that is done to them. The classroom environment shall be designed to encourage self-learning with guided practice from the teacher.
  • Children grow and develop at unique, individual rates that is often unrelated to their ages.
  • Classroom activities should support this developmental approach for each child.
  • Every child has the right to feel good about him/herself.
  • Emphasis of the child’s positive self concept will be the focus of many classroom activities.
  • Children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to learn are enhanced if children are free to follow their natural interests.
  • A discovery approach to learning will be incorporated in the classroom to encourage and develop children’s curiosity.
  • Children learn from interactions with other people.
  • The environment will be designed to encourage children to observe other children working, work with other children, and work individually.
  • Children need a variety of opportunities in order to encourage creativity.