Tuition Agreement/Contracted Schedules

A weekly schedule between you and the Center is necessary to ensure that space and adequate childcare resources are reserved for your child. Schedules are required for all children’s attendance at the Center. Schedules are due each Wednesday for the following week. You will need to schedule the number of full-day/half-day blocks your children will be attending (Annual Contract).

A full-day block is any day where care is required for five (5) hours or more. A half-day block is care under five hours. Any additional days added to your schedule after the Wednesday deadline must be Pre-Approved and will be charged a 20% increase to your scheduled daily rate (according to your contract). Scheduling also applies to Early School Dismissal Days, and Before/After School Packages. Families that do not use the Weekly Contracts for scheduling will be charged the on-demand rate. Weekly schedules can vary from week to week.

Scheduled time for child subsidy families will be billed to Health and Human Services per regulations. If your child misses a scheduled/contracted day, you will be billed personally for payment.